Clint’s Bio

 Clint is a former professional Motocross racer who switched to FMX in 2000.

In 2001 he started FMX East and helped east coast FMX grow. Clint has performed in Circus’, Monster Truck shows, bike rallies, fairs and more. Clint Landed his first backflip in 2007 and continued to flip in performances for over 10 years.


Clint has also produced 2 full length freestyle motocross videos:

FMX East "Steaking Our Claim" 2005

FMX East "Gaps and Grillz" 2008

He also produced, filmed, and edited countless YouTube and Instagram Videos


Clint now Owns and operates, Co Hosts the Two Wheel Tuesday Podcast, and performs Stand Up Comedy

Clint has performed at Dangerfield's, Greenwich Comedy Club and Art House to name a few.

He also produces comedy shows at bars, restaurants and Clubs. Plus Announce FMX and Motorsports shows.


Other Notable accomplishments:

First East Coast based Freestyle motocross team

First Portable ramp set on the East coast

Rode in first stadium Monster Jam featuring Freestyle Motocross

Tested riding on turf for Feld, Feld then made an entire freestyle motocross series on astroturf played over the arenas ice

Partnered to make the only Amateur Freestyle Motocross contest series to have existed "MotoXChallenge series"


Shows and movies Clint has been in:

Built to Shred on Fuel TV Riding Kona Skate Park

Multiple segments of "M80"

"How it works" dissecting how the Back flip works on Discovery

Peanut Chews Commercial nationaly aired 

Performed stunts for the movie "Bro" released 2010


Announcing FMX/BMX show at a week long fair in NC

Announcing FMX/BMX show at a week long fair in NC

At Broadway Comedy Club.

At Broadway Comedy Club.

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